Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oh quatrefoil.. I still love you so!

There is just something about this historic shape that has captured my heart.  I know it's a trend (all be it one that's been around for hundreds of years) and realistically probably on it's way out the door, but I must admit I still have love for the quatrefoil.  If this shape looks familiar to you,  it's probably because you've seen it on churches and cathderals throughout Europe.  The quatrefoil shape was most popular and used countless times during the Gothic Revival and the Renaissance.
Our current client is considering the stunning Regina Andrew light fixture (below) and technically I know it's not exactly a true quatrefoil but it's close enough don't you think?  I love the classic, simple beauty of this light!  And let me say, I would literally die a thousand deaths to have a kitchen with the quatrefoil tiled backsplash below.  Amazing. 

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regina andrew

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Prairie

It looks like the queen of Shabby Chic is turning her talents to new adventures these days.  Clearly, the kind of (business) woman to get back up and dust herself off after claiming bankruptcy several years back, Rachel Ashwell has recently opened a B&B called The Prairie.  This beautiful new project is situated on 46 acres (of you guessed it...prairie!) of gently rolling hills and wide open skies in Round Top, Texas.  All the interiors are done by Rachel herself in her iconic style... pretty, soft and always relaxed! 
Each building has been restored to it's original splendour, including the original home on the property which dates back to the 1800s.  The finishings, fabrics and textiles are all true Shabby Chic style right down to the painted floorboards, peeling plaster walls and lovely patina furniture.  Oh my, just look at those amazing bedrooms... honestly, after my late night last night, I'm telling you I'd give my right arm to slip into one of those soft beds right about now!

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