Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dogs, Cats and Things...


way cool dogs
A man's best friend is his dog and vice-versa. When it's spring, that is. But for short-haired dogs  walking around in windy and wintery weather, their best friend is a sweater. On chilly days, this adorable, merlot-ribbed pullover would keep Fido cozy--and cool, in a good way.
modern cat
These cats lounge on nicer and more expensive furniture than I do! This shapely and inviting shell offers a private and protective haven that would satisfy the most demanding feline. It's a stylin' pad where puss could sleep, obsessively groom, and sleep until the next meal.

opulent items

opulent items

The Dog Peek, above, gets my vote for "Most Baffling Dog Product with Catchy Name."

all modern
How does a fashion-forward, fur-legged style maven accessorize? With an exotic snakeskin collar! A snakeskin that would flatter everyone and go with everything is a faux one, IMHO. Why? Because getting the real deal commonly involves peeling the skin off a dying snake and leaving it. To die. Painfully. That's so not chic or sexy.

However, there are alternatives such as reptile-printed fabrics and Stella McCartney's recycled, tent canvas "python" that are kinder to animals and fragile ecosystems.
snooty paw

   Paris Hilton $325,000 Dog Residence

paris hilton


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