Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Solstice = Summer Brights!

Now that summer is officially here in Vancouver (have you looked out your window yet? It's another beautiful day!) we're going to see tons of bright colours on the streets.  I clearly remember loving my pink neon socks in the 80's... but this time around I'm obsessing over the orange bra by JCrew.  So pretty!  Oh and have you tried the makeup at Joe Fresh?  It's incredibly low priced (dare I say cheap?!) and is actually really good stuff!  They have all the trendy bright colours for the season and I've been wearing the neon coral nail polish on my toes.  It's an instant summer pick me up!

the knotty bride


blonde ambition

cocoa and hearts

call it beauty

bin bin

designers guild


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Making an Entrance!

First impressions count...why not paint your front door!?  Looking at these doors, makes me wish I didn't live in a strata.  Wonder what my neighbours would say if I whipped out a can of fuschia paint and brightened up my front door?  The reality is, I live in a pretty fabulous neighbourhood, but not so long ago someone actually complained about the kids in the neighbourhood doing too much chalk art!  Seriously, who does that?  In all honesty, I can't imagine my pink door would last too long...lOl


ruby and pearl
I love this reddish, pink paired with the yellowy, green frame.  Unexpected colour combos are always

made by girl
I love this shocking pink against the all white interiors.  So striking!  Look at the amazing detail on the interior door frames...

brook anna
This buttery yellow is so pretty and soft but it makes a strong impact no?


foto vine

surrounded by colours
I really want to be able to give someone directions to my place one day..."We're the house on the left, you'll see it, the house with the hot pink door!"

Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for stopping by! 

As a teenager, I painted the outside door to my bedroom, a bright peony pink.  Keep in mind that this was a fairly traditional house and the door was facing the hallway where all the other doors were white.  Needless, to say, my parents came home and the door was painted white again in a blink of an eye. (insert irritating teenage voice here) "Oh... my... Gawd"  I was so mad.  Remember that Mom?!   What was I thinking? 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ethnic Influences

The world is your oyster one wise man (or probably a woman) said...and it certainly rings true when seeking inspiration for home interiors. These shots make me want to explore exotic locations, from the spice markets of Morocco, to the backstreets of China. Unexpected touches of ethnicity completely delight me, conjuring images of foreign lands, and marvelous getaways.

elle decor

afro chic

elle decor

the sister  sophisticate

the style files

designer mixer

elle decor

the city sage

Just for fun I'll leave you with one of my favourite Cuban songs Chan
Chan from the forever youthful...


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Top Ten Faves (plus a few more)!

Here's a list of my top ten favourite things (plus a few more!)  I suppose I have a lot of faves, I couldn't keep it to a mere ten...   

Peonies!  How can I even describe them?  Simply the most beautiful flower I've ever seen.  They also happen to bloom right around my birthday, which is an added bonus.  I always treat myself to a big bunch of peonies in June.  They are so beautiful, I just can't wait for someone else to buy them for me!

canadian chef congress
Elephant Island Winery in Naramata, B.C. is the most amazing and unusual fruit wine in the Okanagan.  Every single one of their wines is incredible, including the Pear, Blackberry and Cherry wines.  My favourite, by a landslide, is the Apricot Dessert wine.   Not only does it taste amazing, it's so so so pretty to look at!

The fish tacos (actually the entire menu) at the Atlas Cafe in Courtenay, B.C. are to die for!  My husband is from the Comox Valley and this fantastic restaurant is always a must when we're  visiting.  When you're in town, you simply have to make a time for dinner at The Atlas Cafe!

designers guild
Nobody does it like Tricia Guild!  She is famous for intense, bold shots of colour in all her creations.  Look at the pink and grey Designers Guild Tistad throw, this blanket is on my wish list.  Look at those absolutely stunning pillow cases, they look like they're hand painted!  Love. Love. Love.
Saijo Persimmon candles by Voluspa make your whole house smell like peaches.  Enough said.

 I'll admit it... I have a rocky love affair with our stunningly beautiful city of Vancouver, B.C.  Honestly, it's crazy  gorgeous no?  The skyrocketing cost of living is upsetting me just a little,  but I'm still including Vancouver in my list of could I not?  Look at how beautiful she is!

vietri tjs
I am completely enamored with this pretty, pretty dishware by Vietri.  It's so elegant, yet rustic looking all at once.  These dishes look like they've been coated with powdered sugar!  They aren't exactly cheap though, needless to say I'm collecting slowly. 

kitchen bachelor
I do love good coffee!  Vancouver based Caffe Artigiano is the best latte I've had outside of Italy.  Have you been there?  You gotta try it...

made by girl
I am absolutely in love with the simple, striking art by Jen Ramos.  Great way to add a splash of colour into an otherwise neutral room.  

kitchen contraptions
I LOVE my Caribbean Le Creuset pot!  My mother in law bought it for me and I smile every time I look at it! 

Disclaimer: Upon proofreading this post, it dawned on that I love pink!  I promise, on my honour, should you choose to hire Love Design Company to design your home or office space, we won't force you into pink.  Unless, of course you love it as much as we do! :o)