Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dogs, Cats and Things...


way cool dogs
A man's best friend is his dog and vice-versa. When it's spring, that is. But for short-haired dogs  walking around in windy and wintery weather, their best friend is a sweater. On chilly days, this adorable, merlot-ribbed pullover would keep Fido cozy--and cool, in a good way.
modern cat
These cats lounge on nicer and more expensive furniture than I do! This shapely and inviting shell offers a private and protective haven that would satisfy the most demanding feline. It's a stylin' pad where puss could sleep, obsessively groom, and sleep until the next meal.

opulent items

opulent items

The Dog Peek, above, gets my vote for "Most Baffling Dog Product with Catchy Name."

all modern
How does a fashion-forward, fur-legged style maven accessorize? With an exotic snakeskin collar! A snakeskin that would flatter everyone and go with everything is a faux one, IMHO. Why? Because getting the real deal commonly involves peeling the skin off a dying snake and leaving it. To die. Painfully. That's so not chic or sexy.

However, there are alternatives such as reptile-printed fabrics and Stella McCartney's recycled, tent canvas "python" that are kinder to animals and fragile ecosystems.
snooty paw

   Paris Hilton $325,000 Dog Residence

paris hilton


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Small Spaces

A big hello to everyone! My name is Jeanne and I'm thrilled to join Alexiis and Cristina on their Love Design Company blog. I'm the new writer and I look forward to sharing my thoughts and hearing yours on topics from alcoves to zebra stripes. Some random things about me: My living room is much lived in...I'm not an interior designer...My decor is guided by the theme indestructible by cat...My continual efforts to redecorate and rearrange my home have given me a talent for pushing the furniture around.
Are eat-in kitchens going extinct like shortbread recipes that require a pound of butter? I don't have a preference for either traditional or open concept designs; I'm happy as long as there's a stove that heats up a can of soup and doesn't set my hair on fire.

White is the only colour used on the walls and furniture in this kitchen. It blends the cooking and dining areas into a bright, pristine unity. Munching toast beneath the large skylight would be a light-filled and uplifting start to every morning.

christine chitnis
Colours are fascinating and they often surprise me with the images and feelings they stir up. In this room, the green in the chairs' upholstery leads me to wonder about mischievous leprechauns. The pinks, particularly in the flowers and in the "LOVE" artwork, reminds me of sweet  watermelon and the sweetness of heartfelt love. Combined thoughtfully against the expanse of white walls and trim, these spring-dappled hues playfully lift the energy of the space and freshen it with a pretty and young-at-heart vibe.

apartment therapy

The glorious wood used in this streamlined, wall-mounted credenza helps it stand apart from being just a nice but ordinary piece of furniture. The striking grain sings a range of light to dark tones and transposes a basic, rectilinear form into song. The credenza doesn't merely function to hold and conceal clutter behind closed doors. It graces the room with a subtle oomph  that doesn't overwhelm the minimalist surroundings.

tiny house talk
Paying bills on time is a task that I do with genius if it means missed deadlines and late payment fees!  This custom desk and bookshelf cabinet makes an enticing home office. To me, its strong blue suggests blue chip stocks. This cool, compact workspace would make the drudgery of balancing my chequing account more bearable.

at home with kim vallee

fres home
Look ma! No cabinet hardware! My favourite thing about this kitchen is the contrast between the wood on the cabinetry and the other materials. The wood's gently wavy grain enlivens the uniformity and opaqueness of the tiles, counter, and appliances. Its bleached tones appear creamy and warming when set against the cool greys, white, and stainless steel This kitchen may be small but its disciplined and succinct style is sharp as a knife.
fres home
I like reading in bed, do you? This airy sleeping loft provides a serene setting to curl up with The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy. The structure incorporates overlooked space (e.g. vertical space, hidden space), ample built-in storage, and multi-tasking elements (e.g. look closely at the staircase). Its thoughtful design adds a significant amount of extra space without consuming additional square footage.


Monday, January 30, 2012

I love Paris...

In the summer...I love Paris in the fall. I've always marvelled at the
effortless style, & design sensibility of the French.

Whether it's their fabulous street wear, ooh la la très chic!

Or the whimsical offerings of Christian Louboutin, which make a woman, feel like a goddess. Les Français know where its at. 

house of anais
Coco Chanel said it best with her two quotes of kindness "Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions."

Veranda Magazine
Secondly, "Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury."
I couldn't agree more.

Destination Europe

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Au revoir, Adieu, Goodbye to you all

Hello All,
It's a new year and I have an announcement to share with all of you, our lovely readers. Just before Christmas, I was lucky enough to be offered a position with a highly respected, local design firm here in Vancouver called Beyond Beige Interior Design. I am absolutely thrilled to be joining this dynamic and super creative team! I'm very excited to see the new direction my career will take with Beyond Beige but I am also sad to say goodbye to my partnership with Cristina and Love Design Company. I have been SO proud of our accomplishments and the supportive partnership that Cristina and I have created together over the past year. I couldn't be more excited to introduce you all to Alexiis Coronado, she will be taking my place as Cristina's new partner in Love Design Company. Alexiis is one of the most talented designers and not to mention one of the most sincere, lovely people I have met in a very long time. I just know you are going to love her! These two are going to make a fantastic partnership and I can't wait to see the amazing work that they will do together! I wish them great success and happiness in their partnership together.
Much love to you all,

Friday, November 25, 2011

Local Love!

Have you heard of Edgewater Studio?  If you haven't, then you're surely missing out!  Based in North Vancouver, B.C. I was absolutely blown away by their stunning work when I met them at IDSWest 2011.  I'd seen their custom tiles in the shelter mags but up close and personal, they are truly works of art!  Brady and Caroline were so engaging and down to earth, you couldn't help but feel their enthusiasm for this amazing work they do.

Kelly Deck is clearly a fan.  She used Edgewater Studio's chevron pattern tiles for the backsplash in this amazing, eclectic, retro kitchen.

Can you believe this is a laundry room?  A space like this might actually make me want to do laundry.  Rustic shelves and glam tiles... to die for.

sealy design inc

sealy design inc
Featured in the Runway to Room section of Style at Home, the orders started pouring in for Edgewater's blend of coral, salmon, toffee and persimmon tiles.  Each piece is hand picked and the result is pure art.  

style at home

edgewater studio

edgewater studio

edgewater studio

 Amazing fireplaces!
edgewater studio
I only wish I could have featured more of their amazing work on this post.  Check out the website for a full range of all their gorgeous tiles and projects.  Now I just have to convince our current client that she NEEDS these tiles in her powder room! 
Lindsay xo

Sunday, October 16, 2011

HGTV...the magazine!

Imagine this, it's Saturday afternoon, I'm at Costco and the place is a freaking zoo.  Probably not the best place to spend a Saturday afternoon right?  The one upside (for my kids and husband anyway) is there are a million and one samples just waiting to be had.  While trying to distract myself from inhaling useless calories, I headed to the magazine section and this bright and shiny new magazine jumped right out at me.  Believe it or not (even though I'm completely design obsessed) I don't have HGTV on my channels at home and I don't spend a ton of money every month on design magazines.  This cover was so pretty and loaded with colour and to die for patterns, that I just had to pick it up and take a peek.  Now, I know that colour makes a lot of people very nervous, especially us conservative Canadians, but these colours are ones that people can (and should!) easily incorporate into their homes and everyday lives. 
Love the segment One Couch 5 Ways... if I had to choose, I'd say the blue is my favourite but I could be persuaded to choose any one of these combos.  They're all so bright and lively!  Coming from someone who is slightly obsessed by throw pillows, these are all beautiful, fresh ways to pull your sofa together.

If you want my opinion, there are too few bungalows in Vancouver.  Why do people feel the need to build monster homes these days?  I mean it's not like you have to advertise that you're wealthy.  You're building a house in Vancouver for goodness sake.  We've all pretty much guessed that you're not suffering!  Bring back the bungalow I say, nothing says "family home" and understated, good taste like a beautifully done bungalow with great curb appeal. 

Here is HGTV's version of High Low.  I'm always looking for a way to capture the "look for less" for our clients.  Plus, they feature my favourite lamp of all time, the turquoise Paulette (left).  

The Complete Overhaul of this house is perfectly done.  A citron yellow entrance is a total showstopper and the salmon coloured sofa paired with yellow pillows adds that perfect jolt of colour in an otherwise neutral room.

Would I buy this magazine again?  A definite thumbs up and if they keep up the good work,  I just might be convinced to get myself a subscription.  I'll keep you posted! 

*All photos courtesy of