Sunday, October 16, 2011

HGTV...the magazine!

Imagine this, it's Saturday afternoon, I'm at Costco and the place is a freaking zoo.  Probably not the best place to spend a Saturday afternoon right?  The one upside (for my kids and husband anyway) is there are a million and one samples just waiting to be had.  While trying to distract myself from inhaling useless calories, I headed to the magazine section and this bright and shiny new magazine jumped right out at me.  Believe it or not (even though I'm completely design obsessed) I don't have HGTV on my channels at home and I don't spend a ton of money every month on design magazines.  This cover was so pretty and loaded with colour and to die for patterns, that I just had to pick it up and take a peek.  Now, I know that colour makes a lot of people very nervous, especially us conservative Canadians, but these colours are ones that people can (and should!) easily incorporate into their homes and everyday lives. 
Love the segment One Couch 5 Ways... if I had to choose, I'd say the blue is my favourite but I could be persuaded to choose any one of these combos.  They're all so bright and lively!  Coming from someone who is slightly obsessed by throw pillows, these are all beautiful, fresh ways to pull your sofa together.

If you want my opinion, there are too few bungalows in Vancouver.  Why do people feel the need to build monster homes these days?  I mean it's not like you have to advertise that you're wealthy.  You're building a house in Vancouver for goodness sake.  We've all pretty much guessed that you're not suffering!  Bring back the bungalow I say, nothing says "family home" and understated, good taste like a beautifully done bungalow with great curb appeal. 

Here is HGTV's version of High Low.  I'm always looking for a way to capture the "look for less" for our clients.  Plus, they feature my favourite lamp of all time, the turquoise Paulette (left).  

The Complete Overhaul of this house is perfectly done.  A citron yellow entrance is a total showstopper and the salmon coloured sofa paired with yellow pillows adds that perfect jolt of colour in an otherwise neutral room.

Would I buy this magazine again?  A definite thumbs up and if they keep up the good work,  I just might be convinced to get myself a subscription.  I'll keep you posted! 

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  1. It looks wonderful...a must buy for a magazine junky like me!! Thrilled to find and follow your blog ~