Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Office Charm

So many of us work from home these days.  Or, even if we do have "real" offices, we spend a lot of time on our computers at home.  Look at these gorgeous home offices, they make me want to get to work and completely redo mine!

creative influences
This pink Panton chair is fabulous and completely makes the room!

elle decor

Rustic beams and stark white walls... my absolute fave.

elle decor

made by girl

Simple, yet colourful art makes me so happy!

julianne moore's townhome
 I love how this office space looks like an extension of the rest of the house.  Comfortable yet super stylish.

elle decor
 We love an unexpected shot of lavender!  I think purple is supposed to make you feel inspired right?  This would be a great office for a creative type like an interior designer, artist, graphic designer.

So go on, be inspired and when you're thinking about your own interior design, don't forget about your office space!



  1. The desk in the fourth photo is an amazing design! As is the chair! Love, Luh-ove! And the BIG scissors. That office is my favorite. I'm also curious as to what the framed collections are? arrowheads?

  2. Great offices - I just added the second-to-last one to my inspiration folder last week because I love the architectural detail :-)

    Having an office that's comfortable, functional, and inspiring is so important.

  3. In our new little house we are building I have a spot I am making into an office just for me! ANd I am so excited about it!
    Drooling over these offices! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a pretty day!

  4. office on the second picture is just perfect!
    white, simple and elegant

    have a nice day:)

  5. All so delightful. We just moved our computer down into the family room. Now we are trying to make it look part of the decor!