Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer, please don't go...

I'm seriously fighting off the "end of summer blues"!  Waking up to a cloudy day this morning was just slightly depressing and we all know what's waiting for us right around the corner... ugh months of cloudy skies and rain and more rain.  However, I'm still completely optimistic that the sun will return for the our last long weekend hurrah on the island!
We've had an amazing time the last few months...going to the beach, so many road and ferry trips,  I can't even count them all (I swear we should get a frequent sailing discount for those damn ferries) ice creams at the beach, swimming, swimming, swimming and staying up late. 

Am I the only Mom who isn't looking forward to the new school year?  It makes me sad to send my little boy off to spend the majority of his day elsewhere.  Grade 2!  Where has the time gone? 
Here's a taste of how our summer went this year... fingers crossed it's not quite over yet.


  1. My fingers are crossed too. Lovely post!!!

    Love, Kristin

  2. I'm so with you on this - I just hate this time of the year. I don't want to let go of the cottage & swimming, but at some point I have to face the fact that the lake is just too cold to swim in - boooo!

    Beautiful pictures - no wonder it's so hard for you to let go of summer too! The second-to-last picture is just stunning.

    {Thanks for the tip about the floor lamp at EQ3 - it's just what I'm looking for, and can't beat that price!}

  3. Very beautiful summer photos. I'll surely miss summer. Till next summer.