Tuesday, August 9, 2011

urban outfitters

Wow, I'm somewhat in shock here people!  Look at these amazing finds and from Urban Outfitters of all places.  We were sourcing for our clients last night and came across these fantastic pieces.  I'm seriously dying over the chevron rug and at only $69 how could you go wrong!?  I hope the quality is as decent as it looks.  It seems like most of these pieces ship to Canada... except the rug. Of course!  Booo! Fingers crossed they change that soon or I'll have to hit up a friend that lives across the line.

Looks like they are still onto the chevron pattern trend...which is fine by me!  It adds such a bold but simple, graphic feeling to any space. 

See the ruffled wash bag?  I've always wanted one.  It makes your dirty laundry look so pretty and it's only $39.  A steal compared to the others I've seen at $99!  We really pride ourselves on working with clients who have a wide variety of budgets.  Urban Outfitters looks like a perfect fit for those who want a hip, comfortable house on a limited budget! 

all photos courtesy of www.urbanoutfitters.com


  1. I love that store. We are in serious need of more new and exciting furniture shops here! Glad to know they ship to canada!

  2. Oh how I want that chevron blue/white rug!