Thursday, October 6, 2011

Russian Ballerinas

J Crew does it again!  I'm completely taken with these images from their fall campaign, but I'm also going to admit.... I have a love/hate thing with ballet.  I love the "look" of it but I hate the pressure that it means to be a ballerina.

I took classes as a little girl, but I was only ever really interested in the tutus and pointe shoes.  I was about 8 maybe 10 years old when the teacher announced to the class "Wouldn't it be great if Lindsay could lose two pounds before our recital?" Ahhh, excuse me?  Talk unhealthy yet defining moments in your life.

Somehow our recital wouldn't be as perfect as it could be because of me and my two measly pounds?!  I was hardly an overweight child (not that it matters).  No one should speak to a little girl that way, ever. Needless to say, that single moment pretty much ended my love for ballet.  What I wouldn't give to have a chat with that dance teacher today, especially now that I'm a mother of a little girl.  Words like that can be so damaging.  Luckily for me, I was completely embarrassed and humiliated but it never became a serious issue or a battle with an eating disorder.  

Yet the sad thing is, even though it's almost thirty years later, I've never forgotten the remark but she'd probably never even remember it.  I still love the tutus and the pointe shoes but trying to be perfect has gotten way too old for this girl! 

Wow, you'll have to excuse me, even I'm surprised by my little rant.  My initial intention was to share these pretty pictures and daydream about a new fall wardrobe from JCrew.  I guess it's true, writing a blog really can be a little bit therapeutic at times.  

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all our lovely readers.  I hope your weekend (and all your days in between) is filled with self acceptance!

 *All photos courtesy of JCrew


  1. That was a great post! Rant away whenever you like ;) I do love these images too. Hope all is well!

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