Monday, March 7, 2011

Chile, Chile Lindo....

Lately, when I tell people that I was born in Chile I'm often asked “How did the story of the trapped miners make you feel?”  To which I answer that I was quite simply moved. The strength and passion of the Chilean people has always been evident.  The faith and patience that they displayed during the rescue was overwhelming.  However, when I think of my homeland, what comes to mind most is the traditional folk song “Chile, Chile lindo”…which literally translates to "beautiful Chile".  As a proud Chilean, that’s exactly how I feel.  I've always wanted to share the beauty and talent from this part of the world.  Here is my personal list of places, things and up and coming Chileans to watch.  

Lets start with my favourite footwear designer, the brilliant Barbara Briones, a shoe fashionistas dream. 

I adore this hot little number by designer Carla Muñoz from her La Metamorphosis collection.

 my favourite things...yum!
Pisco sour, alfajores, empanadas, and sopa de marisco (seafood soup) are a taste of Chilean heaven. My grandmother, who happens to be an eighty-seven year old culinary wizard, makes the world's best empanadas.  Seriously, I inhale every single morsel absolutely guilt free!

LAMA carries a stunning selection of Latin American gift
ideas, like this adorable bib and burp set.

made in MIMBRE from The Andes House on Vimeo.
Made in Mimbre is a Chilean design firm that create beautiful wicker pieces with a modern twist.

Hotel de Larache
If you're like me and enjoy the rugged outdoors but really want to come home to luxury, then Hotel de Larache is for you.


  1. This totally describes me- I want to rough it, during the day, but come home to soft pillows and hot showers at the end of the day. Their Patagonia site looks amazing.

  2. Thanks Christine,
    Makes you want to go on a trip to Chile right? :o) Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. thanks for the mention! what a lovely blog. :))