Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Party Time!

Good Morning Everybody,

Today is a really special day in our household.  This beautiful little girl below just happens to belong to me (aren't I lucky?!) and today she is 3 years old!  Being 3 is a really big deal don't you know?!  I asked her "What is so special about being three?"  She tells me (in a very serious voice) "Three year olds don't whine and they never, ever scream Mama!"  Well all I can say is thank God for that!  In fact I am sure our whole neighbourhood is thankful for that.  Since I've been brainstorming birthday parties for little girls lately, I decided to share some inspiration shots with you.

Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet love Lauren ... also known as Lulu to all those who know and love her (and her awesome lungs!).



steph bond

martha stewart

vanessa and valentine

tammy mitchell


  1. Awwww Happy Birthday to your little miss! She is precious! And looks like so many fun party details. I have been waiting for an opportunity to use striped straws!

  2. She is as sweet and delightful as a pink peony! Love the inspirational photos. You have lovely taste!

  3. I see a theme here:) What a little cutie pie. Hope she has a fantastic day and hope she keeps her promises:)

  4. She is a cutie! Love the poufs in photo #3, and what a cute fun pink theme!

  5. Your little princess is darling. Love all the photos!

  6. What a cutie!!! Happy Birthday Lauren!!! May your 3rd year be filled with wonderful things :)

  7. Such a DOLL!! Happy B-day :)

    Thank you so much for popping by, I'm so happy to have discovered this blog!
    Nancy xo

  8. She's so sweet! My youngest will turn 18 next month - miss those years with little arms hugging you round your neck - but, these years are great too!

  9. Your little girl is adorable! I have an 8 year old and the time goes by so fast. Thanks for dropping by my blog and your lovely comments. I love this images of parties, pink lemonade and cupcakes! YUM!
    best wishes

  10. Glad that you came by my blog to say hi Lindsay! Another Vancouver blogger, yay! Happy party planning!!

  11. Hi Lindsay...what an adorable post and of course an adorable little girl! My little girl is 27 and thinking about buying her first please enjoy every minute because the time goes so quickly. I have followed you back here...thanks for visiting my blog. How lucky you two are to share a blog. I think that would be so perfect. All the rewards with half the work...not to mention time. I'll be back to visit soon. ~Happy Weekend! ~Ann

  12. What a sweet little birthday girl! Love all the pink ideas - so cute!

  13. Love your blog!! Your little girl is adorable! You should definitely do those pom poms they are so easy to make I make them for almost all my birthday parties!! Following :)

  14. Such a sweetheart girl, and what 3 yr old doesn't want a room full of pink cupcakes and a mom with pink hair? he he!

    thanks for finding my blog. Loving meeting the BYW folks with similiar taste and blog ambition!