Saturday, March 5, 2011

Karen Lorena Parker

Let me introduce you to Karen Lorena Parker.  Karen is an artist based in Richmond, B.C.  She was born in Chile, raised in Calgary and has had stops in Vancouver and Dubai in between.  Karen is an international artist that shows her work in Canada, New York, Europe and Dubai.

Not only is Karen a talented, passionate artist, she is someone I feel honoured to call my friend. We met several years ago when I had fallen in love with her "Prairie Sky" painting.  I connected with her by email to chat about commissioning her to do a painting for my own home.  After several phone calls we met in person and instantly bonded over our love for art and our passion for our children.  (Not to mention we both seem to talk and laugh non stop when we are together!)  I feel honoured to call this warm, compassionate person, Mom and artist, my friend. I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do!
P.S.  The paintings below are a small fraction of her portfolio.  You can see all of her work online at

Lindsay Sky
Everything that Glitters, is not Gold

Tuscany Poppies

Prairie Nightscape Living
Silver Sky

Trees in the Breeze


  1. Beautiful work! I especially love Tuscany Poppies!!

  2. Hey Lindsay! thanks for finding me thru BYW! Following you back and I see Victoria follows you too...whom I know personally! blogland is such a small world!!

  3. love the "sky" in her favourite is Lindsay Sky...great talent

  4. You guys are wonderful thank you for the support!
    You are so right Michelle, it is such a small world. I realize it more and more everyday! Hope you are enjoying the BYW class so far.
    I really love Karen's work too. Glad you like "Lindsay Sky" it's named for me after all :o)