Monday, June 6, 2011

Ethnic Influences

The world is your oyster one wise man (or probably a woman) said...and it certainly rings true when seeking inspiration for home interiors. These shots make me want to explore exotic locations, from the spice markets of Morocco, to the backstreets of China. Unexpected touches of ethnicity completely delight me, conjuring images of foreign lands, and marvelous getaways.

elle decor

afro chic

elle decor

the sister  sophisticate

the style files

designer mixer

elle decor

the city sage

Just for fun I'll leave you with one of my favourite Cuban songs Chan
Chan from the forever youthful...


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  1. Hi Girls! Great post! Loved the Moroccan Wedding Blanket as "wall art" in the 4th picture! All the images are so exotic and cute! I want to travel now, haha. Have a great day! XoXo