Saturday, June 11, 2011

Making an Entrance!

First impressions count...why not paint your front door!?  Looking at these doors, makes me wish I didn't live in a strata.  Wonder what my neighbours would say if I whipped out a can of fuschia paint and brightened up my front door?  The reality is, I live in a pretty fabulous neighbourhood, but not so long ago someone actually complained about the kids in the neighbourhood doing too much chalk art!  Seriously, who does that?  In all honesty, I can't imagine my pink door would last too long...lOl


ruby and pearl
I love this reddish, pink paired with the yellowy, green frame.  Unexpected colour combos are always

made by girl
I love this shocking pink against the all white interiors.  So striking!  Look at the amazing detail on the interior door frames...

brook anna
This buttery yellow is so pretty and soft but it makes a strong impact no?


foto vine

surrounded by colours
I really want to be able to give someone directions to my place one day..."We're the house on the left, you'll see it, the house with the hot pink door!"

Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for stopping by! 

As a teenager, I painted the outside door to my bedroom, a bright peony pink.  Keep in mind that this was a fairly traditional house and the door was facing the hallway where all the other doors were white.  Needless, to say, my parents came home and the door was painted white again in a blink of an eye. (insert irritating teenage voice here) "Oh... my... Gawd"  I was so mad.  Remember that Mom?!   What was I thinking? 


  1. Love the me inspiration to do a hot pink door myself.

  2. And this one?

  3. Look at those flowers...imagine starting your day walking under that?! thanks for sharing Map of Meaning! Gorgeous!

  4. Oh, I would love to paint our front door fuschia, but my husband already has to live with 4 females, and a lot of floral inside, so we painted ours black instead. Still looks great. xxx

  5. A painted door is a perfect way to bring a bit more personality to the front of your home!

    Hope to see you at our next gathering!! :-)