Thursday, April 21, 2011


You know I don't think this post needs a whole lot of introduction.  What can be said except "Look at these bathrooms! They are freakin' gorgeous!"  Each of these bathrooms are unique and special.  I love it when designers really push the envelope and these bathrooms are a perfect example of how exciting design can (and should) be!  Enjoy...

dee hannah
desire to inspire


elle decor

house and home
apartment therapy

habitually chic

kelly wearstler

domino magazine

elle decor

house beautiful



  1. How divine! I love how so many people are using gorgeous wallpaper in their bathrooms. Lots of inspiration for me. We desperately need to renovate our bathroom, and with three daughters, I can afford to go glamorous - my poor hubby, not too many masculine touches in our home! ; ) Love your blog, love your work.

  2. These photos definitely make me want to redecorate my bathroom! Love it!

  3. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.! It really made my day to see that someone had this opinion of my blog. I do appreciate it.


  4. Okay! Wow! The wire chandelier was my fave. But I love the copper tub--and the bath with all the Gothic arches was to die for! Love that vibrant blue! Thanks for stopping by and checking me out! If you missed it, don't you love the mess I caused trying to clean things up? I can't wait 'til it's over! FYI--there are more photos of my Easter and Spring decor in post from February and March--yes, I really decorated that early!

  5. I wouldn't mind relaxing in any of these bathrooms! They're all beautiful!

  6. Wonderful! So hard to pick one over the next. Do however think I could soak forever in that tub by the big window with the tree! Amazing!

    x Charlotta