Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Light it up!

To know me is to know that I love lights!  In fact, you could say that I am pretty much obsessed with lighting (and mirrors too) for that matter.  Unique lighting can make a ho hum room into something spectacular...but we all know that.  
As much as I love lighting, design and all the beautiful pieces that make up the puzzle of interior design projects, I must admit that I do struggle with the culture that exists around it all.  I struggle with the all consuming desire to constantly want new and exciting pieces, to love something one month and be completely over it the next. Many designers say that their own houses are never done, always evolving, ever changing.  From a creative aspect, I love the ever evolving state the designers exist in.  However, what I really dislike is the sense of never being satisfied with what you have.  So, in an effort to be more at peace with myself and the industry that I've chosen (or more like the industry that chose me) I try to make really conscience decisions about the pieces that I buy and put in my home.  I think about my choices for a long time before I decide to commit.  I contemplate "Where else in my house could this light or that stool could go?"  I wonder "Have I always loved this lamp?  Have I wanted it for years?  Will I literally die if I don't have it one day?"  (Remember, I said I was dramatic!)  
This brings me to my lovely Paulette. (see the turquoise Paulette lamp all dressed up for Christmas at my house below)  I have loved this beautiful girl since I laid eyes on her about 8 years ago.  I felt like I might die if I didn't own her one day (kidding, kidding)  Every time I walk by Paulette or see her lit up in the evening,  I smile.  After all these years, she is still my all time favourite light on the market and nothing has come even close to knocking Paulette off her throne (in my humble opinion!)  
 I guess what I am trying to get at here, is that we live in such an incredibly fast paced, more ,  more, give me more kind of world that it seems a good time to stop the never ending consumption of "things"  and trends and make choices based on quality and good design.   So although I love design, I encourage you to think awhile about the choices you are making when you are in the market for new things.  Is it a trend?  Will it be something you will be happy with for a long time?  Can you change it or paint it or move it to a new spot in your house if you tire of it?  If you answer yes to all of the above, then go for it!  Here are some of my favourite lights today and guess what?  Most of them I have loved for years...

my house


vamp decor


oly studio


  1. The hammered metal light by graham and green, branch light by tonic home, and oly studio punch out ball light (for lack of the actual name).

    Regarding your thoughts on trends. I agree that there are so many trends out there, and to be thoughtful about your purchases.

    I know the blog design world has been in a craze for sunburst mirrors, and ikat, but I don't prefer either. I like buying things that I like that we will keep for awhile. I do like changing things up, but I'm not to keen on going crazy for trends. They obviously change based on the people that be who says what is "in", and that too, changes as new "it" people enter the design scene. I could care less about keeping up with the Jones's and would much prefer keeping my focus on my family and the things that matter.

  2. Thanks for your comments MBL. All the trends and access to so much (via the internet and blogs etc) can make a person crazy right?! We get sooo much thrown at us visually on a daily basis nowadays. I love to change things up too but it's better to stick to the things you really love. Have a wonderful day!